At Nipper&Co we are passionate about making finest, 100% organic and delicious teas that will bring a big positive momentum in your families lives. We do this using great quality ingredients but also by putting thought, love and ethics in every step of our tea journey.

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About Us

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Hi, I’m Marina, the founder of Nipper&Co, a mum of two very important people, Max and Adam. Nipper&Co is a small mum run business with big dreams. I strongly believe in power of nature and want to support mamma’s and their growing families around the world, with our wonderful, premium quality, all organic herbal infusions and teas.

My personal experience of motherhood was an inspiration behind all Nipper&Co blends. I tried to bring tradition of herbal teas, from my home country Croatia, mix it with science and what I have learnt during my studies as agronomist and add lots of love and care while doing it. Because I faced most of those sweet troubles of parenthood and know how every little support makes a difference.

Herbs in blends are traditionally used to support you and your families’ wellbeing. From pregnancy, nursing, colic, relaxing and sleep to immunity and giving you that often needed pick me up kick when the tough gets going.

I really hope you enjoy each sip just as me and my family do!

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