At Nipper&Co we are passionate about making finest, 100% organic and delicious teas that will bring a big positive momentum in your families lives. We do this using great quality ingredients but also by putting thought, love and ethics in every step of our tea journey.

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The Blends

Nipper & Co / The Blends

Supercharge your mind, body and soul with this jam-packed green tea that has taste on its side.Main ingredient of our Green Supreme is Also known as Pin Ho Jade. A Vietnamese green tea which is a unique tea from the highland Yen Bai region of Vietnam. It Lies to the central North of the country. It has been harvested by local tribes and villagers for generations. Gathered from wild tea trees, rather than cultivated, up to 500 years. The tea is...

Colic What Is It The dreaded word every parent is hoping not to use in relation to their little ones, the COLIC. What is it and is there any help at all. As young baby’s digestive system isn’t fully developed, they may feel discomfort in their tummy. Especially for the first 12 weeks, as this is how long it takes fo baby’s gut and digestive system to mature. This is what most people refer to when they talk about colic.I call...

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