Today is the start of National Breastfeeding week, here in the UK, and I want to celebrate with nursing mothers everywhere!

We are providing our babies’ with the best possible nourishment and this deserves a celebration!

The benefits of breastfeeding are endless both for the mother and the baby, and we will talk about them a lot during this week. I also know you might have had a few hiccups on the way to establishing a relaxing breastfeeding journey. From toe-curling early days and tears over low milk supply and painful latches to enduring razor-sharp nail scratches, I know it all, as I have been there twice. I just want to stop and say huge congratulations, mama, for persisting and doing your best to establish successful breastfeeding. I know it’s not always easy but it’s well worth it once you get there. We all deserve a huge mama hug, so I am sending you one right now.

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Big hugs proud mama, boobs out and get ready to be spoiled rotten.



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