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Lactation Pink Moringa Latte

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Super Lactation Powder to support milk supply in breastfeeding mothers. Made with Moringa, also known as the miracle tree, for centuries used to boost lactation and milk flow in nursing mothers. One of the most researched herbs in relation to the effect on milk supply and with incredible results from scientific studies.

The Philippines Journal of Pediatrics published a report, in 2013, sharing the findings of five scientific studies examining moringa and its impact on breast milk supply.

The report reviewed all the published data from five randomised controlled studies and found the “evidence… unanimously concluded that Moringa produces an increase in breast milk volume”.

A second study evaluating the use of moringa to increase the volume of breast milk among mothers of preterm infants had similar results.

Ingredients: Moringa, Beetroot, Baobab

Directions for use: Put 3 g (half a small teaspoon) into a mug, pour over a small amount of heated milk of your choice (my favourite is coconut milk), just enough to make a paste when mixed, pour the milk to make your perfect pink latte. You can also add it to smoothies, yoghurts or porridge.

50g in each pouch, 16 servings.


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