At Nipper&Co we are passionate about making finest, 100% organic and delicious teas that will bring a big positive momentum in your families lives. We do this using great quality ingredients but also by putting thought, love and ethics in every step of our tea journey.

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Mum’s bundle (Happy Bumps, Mum’s Milk & Calm Tummy)

£ 19.47 £ 14.99

For bumps and mums, a rescue trio to follow you through pregnancy until holding that bundle of joy in your arms. Get all 3 blends for £15.49 and a stash of surprise goodie samples on us. Because we know how every little support can help.


Organic Mums Milk

Mum’s milk, a blend of most powerful herbs traditionally used for hundreds of years to support breastfeeding mums. Offer mother nature a gentle helping hand with this powerful herbal infusion that supports lactation in nursing mums, and tastes great too.

Ingredients: Aniseed (25%), Fennel (25%), Fenugreek (25%), Caraway, Goat’s Rue, Thyme

Organic Calm Tummy

Calm Tummy, is our colic relief blend, for youngest members of the family. Safe from week 2, this fennel blend will gently ease your babies’ digestion (works on grownups too). Relieve your little one’s troubles with this gentle herbal infusion to give comfort from colic and bring up those happy pops of wind.

Ingredients: Aniseed (90%), Fennel

Organic Happy Bumps

Ingredients: Peppermint (25%), Spearmint (25%), Ginger, Raspberry Leaf (13%), Rose petals

Storage: Store in a dry and light protected place

Happy Bumps, our minty raspberry leaf blend, is a gentle herbal infusion that can be drunk safely throughout the whole pregnancy. Relax, unwind and feed that beautiful bump with a sweet minty blend that’s packed with caffeine-free, glow-inducing goodness.



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